At Solutions Group NW, our mission is to provide a safe, inviting, professional environment that enables individuals and their families to heal and change; an environment that is accessible, affordable and conducive to increasing the quality of life for our clients, significant others, family members and the community.

Our core values are grounded in our four founding principles:

Client Outcomes: This is why we exist – to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients. Nothing else matters if this cannot be accomplished. Our successful discharge rate is greater than 90% and we continue to focus on this key metric to drive our processes and decision making.

Client Delight: We will treat every client with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Our treatment approach is non-correctional. We believe that a supportive, trusting and nurturing environment where clients feel understood and safe enables better client outcomes and long-term sobriety.

Program Integrity: We promise clarity, fairness and consistency to all clients. We provide our clients with a clear and concise framework of the program and maintain its integrity allowing for identification and remediation of all hurdles to ensure better client outcomes.

Program Access: We are constantly looking for ways to make our services available to the underserved populations in our communities. We offer culturally-specific services for Latino populations. We offer grant-funded (when available) and self-funded scholarships to low-income and uninsured clientele. Please ask us if you need help with paying for your treatment.