Roger Kirby

Roger Kirby, CADC-II is our Executive Director and leads all our treatment programs. He has been leading treatments and consulting with families for over 30 years. He is dedicated to helping people navigate their path through addiction and find their way.

“I’ve been working with individuals and families since 1987. Using loving compassionate therapy to help them to discover their inner truths about how they are experiencing life. If someone is altering their consciousness through a behavior or chemicals to relieve pain, or to feel “normal”, I believe the focus should be on helping them to find the answers within that create illusionary beliefs. Once they find these personal truths, to alter their consciousness would feel abnormal. The Human Being is 99.9% identical; the only differences that separate us are minuscule. So to judge others on those minute details, or to impose personal beliefs on others doesn’t work long term. Acceptance, not expectation is the path to success.”


Dr. Sounak Nick Misra, MD

Dr. Sounak Nick Misra, M.D. is our Medical Director. He has oversight over all our medical protocols and is involved in specific cases as needed.

Dr. Misra graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City medical school in 2001. He remained in Kansas City to complete a residency in internal medicine before moving to Portland to pursue a fellowship in Geriatrics. Upon completion of his fellowship, he worked in primary care until transitioning to addiction medicine full time in 2012. In 2014 he was board certified with the American Board of Addiction Medicine and in 2020, certified with the American Board of Preventative Medicine. He emphasizes a holistic approach to the treatment of addiction, addressing the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of patients.


Raul Ramirez

Raul Ramirez, CADC II, CGAC II, QMHA II is our Clinical Supervisor for Problem Gambling Services. He has oversight over all our PGS service delivery and is involved in specific cases as needed.

He provides clinical supervision for clinicians across the state of Oregon, who have or are working towards their CADC and CGAC Certifications. He works closely with OHA and is a member of the Multicultural Advisory Committee whose mission is improving and expanding awareness of gambling to underserved populations, and to support each other in creating community. He also helps teach courses for gambling certification on ACORN through Lewis and Clark College. He is an advocate for equity and is a member of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee within Yamhill County. He has been an advocate and is a part of the LGBTQIA+ and LatinX populations.


Sanjay Raizada

Sanjay Raizada is our CEO. He is responsible for all non-clinical operations including finance, contracts, legal, HR, administration, network development and information technology.

Mr. Raizada is a social impact entrepreneur and a former technology executive. He has over three decades of experience in running successful, high-performance teams. Solutions Group NW was founded by him to consciously, systemically and sustainably bring low-barrier addiction treatment to underserved populations.