Amy Smith

Amy Smith, CADC-II is the Lead Counselor of English SUD program. She was the first employee of the agency and has a deep understanding of the policies and procedures of our agency. Amy has led our English SUD program since 2020.

“I started my A&D Counseling career at a detox facility, and have been working at SGNW since January 2017 where I am lead counselor specializing in relapse prevention. My knowledge and experience with addiction, the court system, and recovery are the guiding force at meeting individuals where they currently are with empathy. When I am not in the office, I enjoy being a grandma, spending time with friends, and doing various arts & crafts.”


Brent Bennett

Brent Bennett is our Office Administrator. His is the first voice most inbound callers will hear. He has primary responsibility for handling UA samples and information ensuring accurate chain of custody process for labeling and forwarding all collections to our labs. Brent is the glue that holds the front office together and ensures that everyone is successful.

“I have worked in kitchens, on ship docks, and behind desks. I believe I have done my best clerical duties at Solutions Group NW. A movie theater is my home away from home.”


Carlos Vazquez

Carlos Vazquez, CADC-I, CRM, QMHA-R is a Senior Counselor in our  SUD & PGS programs. He brings years of experience providing culturally specific services to the Latino community. Carlos provides services in English and Spanish.

“I started my A&D career in a culturally specific dual diagnosis LatinX program in 2015. My experience growing up as a 2nd generation Latino with SUD has taught me the need to be of service to our Spanish speaking community that struggles with addiction, the court system, and recovery. I am dedicated to providing sound treatment with empathy, recognizing the need of keeping in mind culture and community while working with people that access treatment. When I’m not in the office, I enjoy the great outdoors, photography, and volunteering with non-profit organizations.”


Cipriano Juarez Martinez

Cipriano Juarez Martinez, CADC-I, CGAC-II is the Lead Counselor of Spanish SUD & PGS programs. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences and Minor in Psychology. He has led our Spanish SUD program since 2018 and our PGS program since 2020. Cipriano provides services in English and Spanish.

“I completed my addictions program study in 2012 and have been working in the addiction field since then. I want to provide the best services to individuals, couples and families to help them break the trap of addiction with compassion, understanding and by equipping them with possibilities to increase their hopes and to find their path in life. When I’m not in the office, I like to attend a variety of Catholic church services and to do a variety of indoor/outdoor activities.”


Karen Lujan

Karen Lujan, CADC-R, CGAC-R is a Counselor in our SUD & PGS programs. Joining the agency as a student counselor in 2021, she is completing her SUD and PGS course work and certification in 2022. Karen provides services in English and Spanish.

“I am a SUD and PGS counselor. The stigma around substance use disorder harms the people in recovery, my goal  is to educate people in the disease of addiction. When I am not working I am usually at home reading books and listening to music. ”


Leticia Saiz

Leticia Saiz in our Intake Coordinator/Office Administrator. She answers questions regarding the program, schedules appointments, coordinates with referral sources, insurances, labs etc. for new clients. She is responsible for back office functions including inventory and purchasing.

“I’m new to the Intake Coordinator role and every day has been a learning experience. It’s by far one of the greatest teams I’ve been a part of and look forward to what the future holds. ”


Sonia Padilla

Sonia Padilla is an Intern in our SUD & PGS programs. She assists clients with grant funding/reduced fee applications and assists counselors with intakes and recovery focus groups.  Sonia provides services in English and Spanish.

“I am training to be a counselor. My goal is to provide the services people need to live better lives, always with dignity and compassion. Outside of work, I like spending time with my family and kids, exploring new places. “